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    [domingo, janeiro 11, 2004]

    Recebemos no mail o seguinte pedido:


    PRIVATE EMAIL ADDRESS:mabacha1112002@macmail.com


    Dear Friend,


    I am Mrs Mariam Sani Abacha (Widow), the wife of Late General Sani Abacha Former
    Military Head of State of the Federal Republic of Nigeria,who died while in
    office in 1998. After my husband's death and, upon the enthronement of, the
    present democratic elected government of OLUSEGUN OBASANJO in 1999 thus,started
    the probe of my husband's tenure as Military head of state over the years,
    during the tenure of my husband,he acquired and accumulated a lot of money while
    in office, stashed this funds in various banks in America, Canada, Europe and
    Africa but unfortunately,my husband died.

    However, the present Government succeeded in discovering
    and frozening most of these accounts and have so far recalled some of these
    money back to the country, with exception of the above stated(USD$45.5 MILLION
    UNITED STATES DOLLARS) deposited with a Bank in Switzerland till date.
    However,due to restriction placed on my family by the present government, i have
    been unable to reach this money nor withdraw it to Nigeria for use.

    To this end,the family jointly decided to relocate this funds out abroad for
    investment. This is the only way and means through which this money can be
    utilize. Consequently,i beg for your assistance in helping me transfer this
    money into your account overseas to investing this money ie. Purchase
    factory(s), Estates and any other viable venture you might suggest.

    On how i got your contact, it was through the internet while i was searching for
    a reliable person that will assist me.For clarity, the family have agreed to
    give you 30% of the total sum once it is received by you.

    Furthermore, all arrangement and logistics of this transaction have been putted
    in place to make you the beneficiary of this fund and you are free and secure in
    this transaction.It is note worthy that,at the end of this transaction, you will
    be glad you did and we shall remain grateful.

    I earnestly look forward to hear from you.Please forward all response to my
    private email address(mabacha1112002@macmail.com)

    Thanks in anticipations of your kind valuable assistance.

    Best regards,


    Avisamos esta senhora que temos cerca de 14 euros no conjunto das nossas contas bancárias. Por isso, não irá muito longe...

    Postado por João * 15:24

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